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easy hikes

With views that rival those of their more difficult relatives these trails offer gentler slopes, smoother surfaces and shorter lengths which make them perfect for families, visitors and hikers not accustomed to the mountainous terrain in Boulder County.

*up to 5 miles or 1,000' of elevation gain


dakota ridge

enchanted mesa

caribou ranch


mitchell lake

indian peaks



The mountains are calling and I must go
— john muir


boy scout


long lake

Indian Peaks

meyer's homestead

woods quarry

lion's lair



intermediate hikes

Looking for more challenge in a mountain trail?  Something a bit longer, a little steeper, and perhaps with a bit more 'rough-hewn' feel?  These trails combine additional mileage, more elevation gain, steeper ascents and off-camber, rocky terrain that will get the heart pumping.  Our intermediate hikes offer great opportunities to get off the beaten path for visitors who have acclimated to Boulder's climate and altitude, and are in good physical condition.  Several of these hikes are favorites of Boulder locals and considered hidden gems. 

*up to 7.5 miles or 1,500' of elevation gain

ouzel falls

green mountain west ridge

our most popular hike

lake isabelle

indian peaks


shadow canyon

The trail compels you to know yourself and to be yourself, and puts you in harmony with the universe. It makes you glad to be living. It gives health, hope, and courage, and it extends that touch of nature which tends to make you kind.
— enos mills, father of RMNP

fern canyon

upper big bluestem

mount sanitas loop


flatirons loop



difficult hikes

Is the Continental Divide calling your name?  Does the thought of standing atop Boulder's two tallest peaks in a single day give you goose bumps?  Is there an empty check box on your bucket list next to "summit a 13er"?  Then our list of difficult Boulder County hikes can fulfill dreams, but they can also conjure up some nightmares if you are not prepared for them.  If you are considering venturing out on any of the trails below, be sure to stock your backpack with plenty of water, energy foods, foul weather gear and first-aid supplies as roundtrip times can reach 7 hours.  But my, oh my can they make for lasting memories.

*up to 9.5 miles,  3,300' of elevation gain, and altitudes over 13,200'


diamond lake

pawnee pass

astride the divide

royal arch


blue lake

indian peaks

The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel
— theodore roosevelt

chasm lake

rocky mtn nat'l park


green mountain


bear and s. boulder peaks

a boulder classic hike

mt audubon




all our great boulder hikes on one interactive map,  and more!

Some days we don't have all the time we'd like to devote to hiking in Boulder County.  Those days kinda suck, right?  But, when that happens the least we can do here at Beyond Boulder is to help you find the closest, most convenient trailhead that will let you maximize your outdoor experience.  So, like, ta-da!  Below are all our great hikes, along with the micro-breweries recommended on our site, plus some of the better feed bags and hangs in Boulder.  Markers in green (easy), blue (intermediate), and black (difficult) denote the locations of trailheads.  Orange markers identify Boulder County micro-breweries (all tried, tested, and exceed our exacting quality standards, believe you me!), and red markers show the locations of restaurants, pubs, hotels, and gear joints recommended on this site.  Simply click on any marker to get information about a hike or establishment close to you, and then click on the url.  Enjoy!



while in town...

There are many reasons boulder ends up on most people's list of great places to visit, and while for us hiking is at the top of the list, others may come for the incredible restaurants, craft beer, used bookstores, shopping, dog-friendly environment, Chautauqua, and of course the University of Colorado (go Buffs!)  In the spirit of sharing we've listed several things that we love about Boulder, that visitors might want to check out when they aren't enjoying all of the great hikes on Beyond Boulder.  Click on the photo below for all our recommendations!

10 things to try in boulder

bike to breweries



oh yes!


You may have noticed that we pair an aprés hike brewery with each adventure on our website.  That's due to the fact we love craft beer, and that Boulder County (as of spring 2018) is home to no less than 45 nano- or micro-breweries.  The downtown Boulder area alone hosts upwards of 20 'hopping' breweries.  With so many bike paths and dedicated bike lanes in the city it was only natural that a perfect marriage of beer and outdoor activity would include a bike to breweries ride.  Click on the photo above for all the details!




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