benefits of mountain hiking

You can hike!  Okay, here’s the legal caveat; know your ability and comfort level with hiking.  If you aren't sure you are physically ready for mountain hiking, talk to your doctor, check out the information on hiking at WebMD, and understand that while I'm an avid hiker, I'm not an expert or professional (see Legally Speaking for more info).  But, you can hike!  I’m endlessly pleased when we take someone out to a trail who hasn’t hiked in the mountains before.  They invariably come back tired but nevertheless immensely happy at what they’ve accomplished.  Not that they achieved something particularly challenging per se, but more that they have discovered there is something wonderfully satisfying about walking in nature.  

Mountain Bluebells find the sun on Mesa Trail

Hiking is a fantastic cardio workout, combats osteoporosis, and strengths muscles just to name a few of its benefits.  For me it's also a great stress reducer.  And best of all hiking is the exercise that rewards you for stopping and taking a break to look around!  You don't have to be a Lance Armstrong (minus the steroid use, of course) to enjoy hiking in the Rockies.  Which is the point of this website.  Anyone in average good health, and with a desire to enjoy nature, can participate.  That’s all you need to bring to the game.  Beyond Boulder will help you with the differences in altitude and terrain you will encounter and help you plan for the right hike for you!

Okay, next let's prepare for hiking in the mountains!