accessible hiking

Boulder is such a cool place.  There aren't many towns of just over 100,000 population, especially one in a county which can lay claim to a peak of 14,259', that offer thirty (that's 30!) accessible hiking trails.  I've hiked or biked many of these trails and they are gorgeous and offer amazing views of the local flatirons, creeks, and other natural beauty.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 1.59.36 PM.png

While Beyond Boulder strives to serve the hiking needs of all visiting hikers I have chosen not to include reviews of Accessible Trails on this website at this time.  There are two simple reasons.  First, and by far the most significant, is that the City of Boulder has done such a remarkable job in providing unparalleled information on their Open Space and Mountain Parks website detailing the 16 accessible hikes available within the city limits.  Second, because my passion is really in mountain hiking I have opted, for the present, to limit hike data to trails that lie in the Foothills, Montane, Sub-Alpine and Alpine life zones.  Most if not all of the accessible trails in Boulder lie in the Plains/Grasslands area.

That all said, I have several times been humbled by people I have seen on customized bikes and chairs who are taking full advantage of many of the mountain trails within Boulder County.  Hike on!