legally speaking

I like to think I'm a friendly, social kind of guy.  Most people I know would probably agree, although Linda would sometimes argue I don't always wake up in my 'happy place'.  Honestly, I'd like nothing more than to get to know everyone who is thinking about taking one of the hikes on this website, so that I could better assist them in ensuring a great experience on their visit to Boulder.  Perhaps some day I can quit my day job and do that.  Alas, not today.  But, even if I could quit my day job and become the Walmart Greeter of the Front Range, the facts are I'm not an expert on hiking, nor am I a doctor, MD or otherwise.  At times I still pick hikes beyond my own abilities, and about as close as I come to practicing medicine is taking a couple of Motrin when I get back from said hikes.  Linda would argue I'm the worst patient on the face of the earth.  I whine a lot.  And, while I'm sure everyone who visits this site has the self-awareness to know if they should hike based on their current health, would certainly consult their physician if in doubt, and understands that if a trail is not suited for them they should stop, turn around, and return to the trailhead or closest microbrewery, we unfortunately live in a litigious society.  One that compels me communicate the following disclaimers:

Legal and Medical Disclaimer: This site and the information within is intended for recreational use only and is not intended as a suitable replacement for professional medical advice.  The author is not a licensed medical professional and no information contained within this website should be construed as professional medical advice.  Please consult your physician if you have any doubts about your ability to undertake outdoor activities such as hiking.  

Hiking and Trail Information:  Best effort has been used to accurately represent all trail information within this website.  However, all trail data is intended for recreational use only,  The author is not responsible for changes or inaccuracies of trail routes, conditions, maps, or accessibility.  Stuff happens.  Finally, and one would think it goes without saying, the author is not responsible for any inconvenience, accidents, injuries, rescues or, God forbid, loss of life by anyone attempting any of the hikes on this website.

We cool here?  I hope so.  Now let's go have some fun hiking!