Description: Meyer's Homestead Trail, also known as Meyer's Gulch Trail is a 5.3 mile out and back meander through high open meadows, shady pine passages and large stands of aspen.  It slowly rises from 7350' at the trailhead 650' over 2.65 miles to 8000', ending at a rocky overlook of the divide and Long's Peak.  The trail surface is wide and smooth except for the last 1/8 of a mile or so.  While there is a good view of the divide, it is not as stunning as you would see on either Tenderfoot or Ranger/Greenman.  Enjoy this trail for what it is, a beautiful open valley hike offering several diversions through pine, aspen and creekside vegetation.

Challenge Level: Moderately Easy, 5.3 Miles, 650' Elevation, 3 Hours.  The majority of this trail is a very manageable easy challenge, primarily given for distance, the consistent uphill slope, beginning altitude, and sun exposure (don't forget sunblock and hats!).  Only the last 1/2 mile is steep and rocky enough give some second thoughts about continuing to the lookout.  If you start to tire as you get closer to the summit, simply turn around.  Because the trail rises to 8000' this hike is probably best reserved for a second or third hike after you've better acclimated to the altitude.  Keep an eye and ear out for cyclists who sometimes ride this trail.  Generally, it is not an issue as the trail is consistently wide enough for passing cyclists.

Driving Directions: 6894 Flagstaff Rd, Boulder, CO 80302.  25 minutes from downtown.   Head south to Baseline Rd.  Turn west.  Baseline turns into Flagstaff after Chautauqua Park and the road starts a steep climb.  After 6.4 miles on Flagstaff Rd you will come to the Meyer's Homestead parking area on your right.  There are lots of cyclists who climb Flagstaff Rd so please be careful and obey the 20 mph speed limit.  Google Map directions here...

Parking: Plenty of parking available in the Meyer's Homestead parking area, which also features some great picnic tables and grills.

Trailhead: Just head to the large map board in the parking area and you can't miss the wide path of Meyer's Homestead just to the right, not to be confused with the narrow single track that is the Walker Ranch Link Trail.

Trail Guide:  No real directions needed for this trail as there are no trail offshoots or confusing navigations.  Simply follow the wide trail as it rises through Meyer's Gulch to a rocky overlook at 2.65 miles.  There is so much to see on this hike you'll want to take it slow and easy.  Of special note is the large stand of aspen at 2.0 miles and the wide-open valley floor just beyond. 

Map Resources: EveryTrail MapBoulder County Trail Guide

Après Hike: Because this hike is a long gentle upward slope through fresh air, and bright open meadows we feel the perfect pairing for after hike refreshment would be Upslope's Craft Lager.  Upslope brews it's beers with an eye to the environment, using special processes to recapture water used in production, natural gas-powered delivery trucks, and aluminum cans for better recyclability and lowered transportation fuel costs.  They have two locations, one in North Boulder and the other in East Boulder.  All their beers are exceptional and of special note is their IPA and Belgian Style Pale Ale.  Enjoy!

Picnicking: A few tables and grill at trailhead area.

Restrooms: Yes, at trailhead.

Dog Friendly: Yes.

Cell Service: Spotty to none.