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So, I'm surprised at the number of Boulder visitors I meet who have no plans to venture into the mountains for even a small hike.  Perhaps they aren't comfortable with trail hiking, or feel that mountain hiking is for top athletes or the younger generation. Maybe, they just don't know about all the great, accessible, easy hikes available to them so close to downtown.  Certainly, there are many trails that can be way beyond most our abilities, especially when visiting for a short time.  However, there are still a vast number of beautiful hikes that are very accessible to most people who would like to explore a nature trail.

The Southern Arapaho, led by Chief Niwot, or Lefthand, recognized Boulder Valley as the perfect settlement to give them access to shelter in the winter and abundant hunting in the summer.  The first prospectors of 1858 founded Boulder where it stands today because of the easy access to the mountain mines.  

Did you know?

The City of Boulder offers 34 trailheads with access to over 100 trail options within the 25 square miles of the city limits.  It is entirely possible to walk off a city street and within 5 minutes be on a wooded trail feeling like you are lost from civilization, then an hour later be sipping an award winning craft beer at one of the many micro-breweries in Boulder.  Boulder County offers 50 county trails between 5000' and 14259' across 5 different life zones, from the Prairie Grasslands in the east, Foothills, Montane, Sub-Alpine, and finally to the Alpine life zone west along the divide.  And that doesn't include the myriad of trails under the control of the Roosevelt National Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, and Rocky Mountain National Park, also within the county's borders.  A whopping 65% of Boulder County is protected land!  So let's get hiking!